Tucker & Sarah's Merry Little Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. For many of us, this is an exciting time filled with food, family and presents. But for others, there could be an event that has recently happened that has made Christmas very difficult. Every year, families across London struggle to keep the Christmas Spirit alive in their homes. Perhaps, a parent has lost a job, a child is sick in the hospital with medical expenses piling, or maybe a tragedy has taken place that will make Christmas impossible this year.

Tucker & Sarah believe that the holidays are a very special time of year and that every family deserves to share those magical moments Christmas morning.

This November, Tucker & Sarah reached out to Virgin listeners and took nominations from within the community for deserving people struggling to make Christmas happen for their families.

All through the month of December Tucker & Sarah will be surprising London families with a merry little Christmas.  Tucker & Sarah’s Merry Little Christmas is presented by The London Police Association with help from our friends at the Walmart and No Frills located in Northland Mall.

Merry Little Christmas - PROMO

Tucker & Sarah's Merry Little Christmas #1 - Dec 6, 2012

Tucker & Sarah's Merry Little Christmas #2 - Dec 11, 2012

Tucker & Sarah's Merry Little Christmas #3 - Dec 13, 2012

Tucker & Sarah's Merry Little Christmas #4 - Dec 18, 2012

Tucker & Sarah's Merry Little Christmas #5 - Dec 20, 2012

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